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T&T invenmark international intellectual property company limited conducted the survey on participation "the anti counterfeiting measures in some countries

Commissioned by the Japanese Patent Office (JPO), the AIPPI JAPAN conducted a survey on "The anti-counterfeiting measures in some countries" including Vietnam. In the framework of this survey (November 2016 - January 2017), the T&T INVENMARK co-operated with AIPPI JAPAN conducted a survey of practical measures to be implemented in order to combat counterfeiting in Vietnam.

The content issues of the survey focused on measures to control cross-border transport to / from / in transit through Vietnam: (1) Status of border control; (2) The measures prescribed by the Criminal Code (3); The measures prescribed by the Civil Code. Also, AIPPI JAPAN also focused on a number of specific provisions in the legal system in Vietnam related to protection of intellectual property rights, enforcement issues, issues of customs registration and collection statistics of cases involving infringing intellectual property rights, trade in counterfeit goods production, a number of violations resolve administrative way, the way of settlement of the court ...

Survey results will be used as reference data of JPO and the Office of Intellectual Property Protection (METI) to support solving problems related to counterfeit goods in Vietnam. 


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By Duong Nguyen - Legal & Enforcement Dept



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