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Our Services

Industrial Property and Copyright protection Consultation

  • T&T INVENMARK provides knowledge of intellectual property in general and regulations on industrial property and copyrights in particular.
  • T&T INVENMARK provides necessary procedures that clients should take to gain protection for their creations: filing applications, forms and content of applications; essential documents to submit.
  • T&T INVENMARK provides information on status of industrial property objects under the instructions of clients: monitoring the process of filing and examining the application, information on the patents, utility solutions, industrial designs, trademarks which have been granted with certificates; proposes solutions to solve the appeal against decisions to reject application, decisions to refuse granting patent certificate (if any), requests to cancel the validity of certificate title of another party.
  • T&T INVENMARK consults and acts as Patent Attorney to handle cases of infringements: execution procedures, documents, information and evidence for settling disputes and to deal with violations of Intellectual Property rights.
  • T&T INVENMARK consults clients in signing agreements on transference of industrial property rights and copyrights or conducts necessary procedures to register license agreements, including non-voluntary licenses.
  • T&T INVENMARK consults clients in the building, management and development of the Brands.

Patent, Trademark and Copyright attorney services

  • T&T INVENMARK acts as Patent and Copyright Attorney: representing clients to file applications for protection of their Intellectual Property Right including: Patent, Industrial Design, Trademark (including collective mark and certification mark); Geographical Indication, Copyright, Domain Name in Vietnam.
  • Filing Intellectual Property application in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries through client’s request.

Filing Intellectual Property application in other countries

  • Clients can file applications overseas through direct filing of application into the nation that they would like to have Intellectual Property protection or file application internationally according to the International Treaty that Vietnam has joined.
  • Through T&T INVENMARK, clients can claim priority according to the date of first application filing in Vietnam, if the nation the client filed application to is a member of the Paris Convention. This has to be done within 12 months from filing date in Vietnam for invention, 06 months for trademark and Industrial Design.
  • Clients can file international invention registration application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Following which, the client needs to file an international application within 12 month from the local filing date in order to claim priority under Paris Convention. The application needs to be in English and Russian in accordance with form.
  • Clients can file international trademark applications under the Madrid system. If registering under the Madrid Agreement, the trademark must have been issued a trademark certificate in Vietnam. If registering under the Madrid Protocol, the only condition is that the application was filed in Vietnam. If the applicant would like to claim priority, the international application has to be filed within 06 months from date of filing the application in Vietnam.

Intellectual Property Right opposition and enforcement

  • In order to assist the owners of Intellectual Property Right to exclusively use their subjects of industrial property and protected copyrights, T&T INVENMARK can, if authorized by the client, request the competent authorities to force the infringers to stop the infringement acts and compensate for the damage resulting from infringement.
  • T&T INVENMARK will, if authorized by the client, collect the evidence of infringement and carry out necessary procedures to request the State competent authorities, e.g. Market Management Bureau, Economic Police, Inspector of Science and Technology, Board of Customs etc, to prevent and suspend the infringement.
  • T&T INVENMARK provides services to help the client supervise, monitor and detect infringement acts of Intellectual Property rights, notifies and requires the infringer to stop the infringement, request the competent authorities to deal with the case in accordance with the prevailing law.

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